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Custom Resin 3 Tier Stand

Regular price $105.00
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Please make sure to provide your email address incase I may have any questions in the note section. Also use the note section to let me know what color you would like your 3 tier stand to be. I would also like to know if you have a specific design I have done before.


-Uniquely designed for you This  Resin 3 Tier Stand can make a wonderful, unique element in your home that will be a conversation starter for sure!

-Perfect for housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc!

-We hand make each set with food-grade epoxy resin.

-Please keep in mind that each one is one-of-a-kind so we cannot guarantee that they will be exactly the same as the photos listed.

-Items will be ready to ship in 14-20 business days, this is to accommodate the increased demand for holidays.

-3-TIER SIZES: bottom 9.8inch, middle 7.8inch, top 5.9inch.

I appreciate your support so much!

If you have any additional information, please leave it in the notes section.